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A neat little bathroom with shower, sink, toilet & a hot water heater. Fit it to your needs by choosing among our different furnishing options.


Toilet options


A conventional flush toilet, which requires a sewage system.

Electric incinerating toilet - Cinderella Comfort

Incinerates urine and solid waste at high temperatures, leaving only a small amount of ash. Four people using the toilet for a week will only produce about one teacup of ash. The toilet has a closed air system where fresh air for the incineration process is supplied via a separate air pipe, which provides a significantly better indoor climate, preventing the room temperature from dropping and avoiding conflicts with other air-dependent installations such as wood-burning stoves. ​The toilet is kept hygienic and clean thanks to bowl bags that safely transport the waste to a combustion chamber when you press the ‘flush’ button. Energy consumption: 0,8-1,5 kWh/use. 

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OFF-GRID OPTION: Dry-toilet - Separett Villa 9000

Functions by separating urine and solid waste. The toilet is equipped with a fan to draw out moisture and air and make the room odourless. The emptying interval for 4 users is every 4-6 weeks. The urine is discharged to a collection vessel or infiltration, while the solid waste ends up in a compostable biosack made of corn starch which can then be composted. Energy consumption: 0.396-0.276 kWh/24 h. 

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OFF-GRID OPTION: Gasdriven incinerating toilet - Cinderella Freedom

This incinerating toilet uses propane gas instead of electricity for the actual incineration process. This means that you can use your toilet even in areas where there is little or no access to the main electrical grid. All you need is a 12V power supply to control the electronics in the toilet. 

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Compare all four choices: 

Choose the WC if you can connect to a sewage system and want the same type of toilet you most commonly find in homes. Choose one of our three dry-toilets if you want to save water and energy in comparison to a conventional flush toilet and/or if you lack access to an existing sewage system. The electric Cinderella incinerating toilet is a "dry-toilet deluxe system" with hardly any waste management. Our off-grid option Separett 9000 dry-toilet is the cheapest of our three dry-toilets. Its odourless and easy to use but needs to be emptied more often than our incinerating toilets. You also need to have a convenient spot ready to dispose of the waste. If you need an off-grid solution, while still enyoing the advantages of an incinerating toilet, choose the second off-grid option: a gasdriven Cinderella incinerating toilet.

Shower options


ThermoWood shower with shower curtain (non-insulated only)

ThermoWood has outstanding water-repellent and water-resistant qualities so there is no need for a waterproof layer, when we install this shower in your non-insulated NATURE POD. If you choose to add insulation, choose one of the below shower options instead.


Shower cabin with glass door (insulated only)

If you choose to add insulation, we install a shower cabin with glass doors for you.

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Water boiler options

Thermex IF 50 SMART, flat with display

By using the smart "SMART" mode, this boiler monitors the use of hot water. In this way the boiler prepares itself for the next cycle of water use (7 days in a cycle). At times when you do not need hot water, the water is kept at a minimum temperature. This way you can save energy with maximum comfort. 

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OFF-GRID OPTION: Ferroli Zefiro Eco gas water heater

Our off-grid solution, this instant gasdriven water heater has an open chamber and gas draft, with modulated heat output and LoW nox type smoke exhaust. 

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