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The NATURE POD is a beautiful wooden mobile cabin measuring 6,0 m x 2,3 m x 2,5 m (l*w*h). It has a unique construction with no timber framing required. Instead, four inner wall segments support the outer wall built from 45mm thick ThermoWood. This leads to fewer construction materials, thus lowering both the assembly time, weight and cost of your NATURE POD. Ventilation and electrical installation are included. Choose your favourite colours for the exterior & interior siding, roof, windows and door.

Wall construction without insulation:  ThermoWood 45 mm. 

Wall construction with insulation:


  • Inner siding (ThermoWood) 16 mm

  • Laths and air gap 20 mm

  • Membrane 1 mm

  • Insulation 50 mm

  • Membrane 1 mm

  • ThermoWood 45 mm

Floor construction without insulation: ThermoWood 45mm.

Floor construction with insulation: Laminate flooring, a hybrid floor covering consisting of a particle board wood base topped by an “image layer” and a transparent “wear layer”. The laminate we use is made of residue from the forestry and wood industry, which makes it a sustainable choice. 


Built from ThermoWood the NATURE POD is not only eco-friendly and healthy but more robust and durable than any house built from normal timber. ThermoWood is Scandinavian pine heated in special ovens to 180 - 230°C for several days using only heat and steam - i.e. no toxics whatsoever. The addition of steam prevents cracking and the oxygen content in the air is kept low to prevent the wood from burning up. In the process, the chemical properties of the cell walls of the wood change, giving the wood a greater resistance and durability to rain, sun and wind. In fact, the facade does not need to be painted for protection as necessary with untreated wood. The process of heating destroys the nutrients in the cells and it thus becomes completely uninteresting for both fungi and insects. Furthermore, ThermoWood contains and absorbs very little water, which means that the dimensional stability is increased by 50% leading to a more airtight gap and crack free construction. ThermoWood also has larger pores than untreated wood which increases the insulation capacity by up to 30%. Finally, ThermoWood is lighter than for instance the more commonly used untreated spruce, making it an excellent choice for your lightweight, mobile NATURE POD. 


The NATURE POD has two large fixed panorama windows in the bedroom, two openable windows in the kitchen and bathroom, and a full glass entrance door. All windows and the door are custom-built from wood and double glazed. 



For the roofing we have chosen easily installed and extremely durable roof shingles with a warranty time of 20 years. With their fibreglass mat base and a special bituminous coating, they withstand even the harshest weather conditions.



Built on a platform made from glulam beams the NATURE POD can be easily loaded on a trailer or truck for transport. The only ground preparation required is a simple foundation of 12 concrete blocks, on which the NATURE POD can be placed. For even greater mobility add our custom-built trailer with fastening points to quickly strap your NATURE POD in place so you can pull it behind a car.


Your ready-built NATURE POD comes with installed electricity, but without plumbing. Depending on your choices and available connection we will set it up with either 1-phase or 3-phase and 16A or 32 A connections. If you add a bathroom or kitchen, the plumbing is included. If installed, electricity, water and sewage are easily connected to the out- and inlets located on the outside of your NATURE POD.


Add furnishing, heating, extra insulation, trailer & off-grid solutions.

Delivery info

Get your NATURE POD delivered right to your doorstep. Based on your choices we calculate the shipping costs to your preferred address.

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