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We offer four different heating options to keep you cozy and warm out there in the wild:

Electric radiator Adax Nero - 800W
The Adax Neo panel heater has a slim and timeless design that fits in well in your NATURE POD. It comes with a reliable thermostat function with digital display. The thermostat also has a built-in day and night reduction function, to help reduce your electricity consumption. We recommend two radiators to heat up your NATURE POD efficiently. 

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Infrared underfloor heating Caleo (requires insulation) - ca 1500W
Infrared heating works by producing infrared radiation that travels through the floor straight to the objects in the room. In other words, it warms the objects directly instead of wasting energy on warming up the air. Infrared under-floor heating creates a dust free and healthier environment, and it is an energy efficient way to heat your NATURE POD. Please note that the heating effect depends on the area of available floor space.

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OFF-GRID OPTION: Gas space heater Italkero Echo SC18 - 2100W
The Italkero Eco SC18 is a convector heater where exhaust gas and supply air go in a coaxial tube in the back of the heater. The lighter is piezoelectric with a pilot burner and thermo element as a flame guard. The stove therefore does not need a power supply. Suitable for use in small spaces and bedrooms.

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OFF-GRID OPTION: Wood stove Jøtul F602 eco - 4900W
Jøtul F 602 Eco is a timeless classic. With its iconic design dating back to the 1940s, and modern combustion technology, it gives the best of both worlds. The Jøtul F 602 Eco can also be used for cooking. It comes as standard with a highly efficient cooking plate and can be equipped with an optional, smaller second plate.

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Compare the four options: 

Choose radiators for an easy, no-fuss heating alternative.

Choose infrared underfloor heating for a more energy efficient use of electricity, plus the health benefits of infrared radiation as a bonus.

Choose the gas space heater for an off grid heating option that can keep your house above freezing even when you are out.

Choose the wood stove for an off grid heating option, and the feel of an authentic, crackling fire.

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