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If you regularly want to use your NATURE POD when it is colder than 0°C or hotter than 30°C we recommend you to add some insulation. Choose between our eco-friendly sheep wool or recycled textile insulation.

Recycled textile insulation is an environmentally friendly insulation material produced mainly from recycled textile. It consists of 90% recycled clothing and the clothing collection and sorting is done by people with a disadvantage in the labor market. It has approximately the same insulation value as our environmentally friendly sheep wool insulation.  
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Sheep wool insulation is the "deluxe" version among the environmentally friendly insulation materials. A big advantage is that it can absorb large amounts of moisture and transport it out of the house. It also has the property of cleaning the air. If you are sensitive to chemicals and mold, this is the insulation you should choose. It has received non-toxic protection against moths, insects and rodents.
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